Tory Burch Table Runner {DIY paper runner}

TB Orange Table Runner, Let's Fête

Tory Burch does an AMAZING job with packaging. I swear, I’d order from that lady just for the box it comes in. I save every one – I’ll find a use for those babies one day. Until then, I’m going to do something with the big orange sheet of paper it comes wrapped in. If you’ve ever received a lovely Tory shipment, you’ll remember the lovely orange that greets you when you open the shipping box. I love that orange. Really love it. Orange was one of the colors in my wedding, so I’m not lying about loving orange (not that you would think that anyway).

This orange paper is really nice paper too, and I just hate to toss it out. I could have saved it for a rainy crafty day, or handed it over to Remy to do something with, but I let it sit there on the table for a little bit…just taunting me.

Remy and I grabbed a few things out of the craft drawers, without much of a plan (yep, we do this a lot). As I grabbed the hole punch, it came to me…this MUST be a bright and cheery table runner. We have a long dining table with a quartz top. It can be a bit cold, so adding something that brings a little warmth seemed like a good idea.

This ended up being really easy, actually. Here’s what I used and how it turned out. Bright and cheery, right?? You’d never know it was 2 degrees out.

You need:

  • long sturdy piece of paper – cardstock or something like it, like TB packaging!!
  • hole punch (just your regular size one)
  • ruler
  • twine, thick string, yarn….enough to go around the entire outside of your paper(plus some extra so you have room to work), x 3,
  • Washi tape

To make:

  • punch holes down each side of the paper, approx 1 inch apart (I didn’t measure how deep the holes were on the paper, just put the paper all the way into the punch each time…ensuring they were even)
  • I had to tie three pieces of my twine together to make it fill the holes I punched. Play with it a little if you need to. I tied a knot at the end of my string, and started with the first hole in a corner, going into the hole from underneath, so the knot would hide UNDER the paper.
  • String through each hole, under/over/under/over – making sure that all the strings lie flat – I think this is key for it looking even remotely clean and professional.
  • Once you get all the way around, tie the ends of the string together (on the underside of the paper).
  • I then used a ruler to place my washi tape about an inch from the twine already in place.
  • Washi tape is so forgiving, if you lay it down wrong, lift it and try again.
  • I used scissors to touch up the corners where the tape overlapped, making sure it was cut straight.
  • Done, and done. Put it on your table – add some flowers, or centerpiece of your choice and enjoy. We got some lovely, and delicious, organic fruit as a gift, so that’s what you’ll see decorating our table.

TB Orange Runner, Let's Fête


TB Orange Runner, Let's Fête


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