A glimpse of the weekend

I’m often asked why I don’t add more people to the blog. You know, friends, family, etc. And I do agree that it adds more personality and energy to anything visual like this. So, with that in mind I am starting with this, a little glimpse into my weekend. Plan is to do it as a weekly post, and focus on the weekend because, well, I spend most the week in the office and that’s not that pretty to look at. Trust. If there’s anything fun, or pretty, that creeps into the weekday timeframe, you can also trust that I will not hold back.

Here’s a few shots from our weekend. We had some grand plans, I usually do, to spend a lot of time outside – pond skating, dog sledding (there was a fundraiser scheduled), maybe some baking, and then some birthday celebrating. Well, maybe half of that happened. We got rained out of everything on Saturday, and because of all the rain, the skating and dog sledding got canned too. Such a bummer. The boys were beyond sad about it, and it’s a tough one to understand.

We made up for it with a trip to the aquarium, donut muffins (yes, you should make them too!), lots of wrestling and then a date to a fab dinner just for us big kids.

Jan 11-12

1 & 2 – New England Aquarium, we have a membership and get there as much as possible. The look of wonder on their faces never gets old. Never.

3 – well, this is a daily/hourly occurrence at our house.  They are mostly pretty tame about wrestling still, but they are getting bigger and stronger, so people get hurt sometimes. Helps get energy out, though, so I can’t complain much.

4 – dinner at B&G Oysters with my man. A little early birthday celebration for yours truly. It was perfect. Intimate, great wine, great service and the oysters can’t be beat. They even whipped up a special gluten free batter for the fried oysters, just for us!

Hope you all had amazing weekends as well. They always go too quick, but at least there were memories made!


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