Birthday to Remember

Birthday banner

I have to be honest, there is one moment from my 34th birthday that I will remember forever. Pretty sure you won’t forget it either. Maybe not what you’d expect, but oddly heart-warming. Remy got home from school and I had already set up the entire table with dinner and desert. Clearly too tempting as he immediately got angry because he couldn’t tear into the desert. Then the magic happened. Pushed to the end of preschooler comprehension, he looked me straight in the eyes and said “I am going to poop on your cake.” Not yelling, no tantrum, just serious business. I’m pretty sure it was the worst insult he could dream up, and he was trying to cut deep. Though he got in trouble and had to go to his room for a while, I find is so dang entertaining!

Back to the celebration stuff…while I have so much LOVE for other people’s birthdays, and how festive you can make it, I often drop the ball on my own. Don’t get me wrong, I have no fear of getting older, I don’t mind attention, but I always felt funny making a big deal for myself. However, I love birthdays, so why not make a big deal for myself? And now that I have kids it makes even more sense. They just love to celebrate. The fact that it includes cake doesn’t hurt either.

About two hours before the boys and my husband were supposed to get home, I decided to give it a go. Seriously, two hours. Needless to say, I didn’t cook and I didn’t bake. I’ll be honest with you there. I ordered delivery before I even left work (take out would have even been too much with this time restriction), I picked up some stuff from the local market and headed home to festive-ize a little bit.

This is what I used: gold paper, grass patterned paper, green straws, glitter tape, scissors, ribbon, super glue and various serving containers.

It was really pretty, and sparkly, and fun. The food was delicious – vietnamese from a local restaurant. Do you love vietnamese as much as I do? Probably not. I don’t think it’s possible. And then I picked up whoopie pies from our local market. They didn’t have much on hand and I thought the boys would love them. Remy did, Felix still avoids deserts like the plague. He painted the table with frosting instead.

I almost bought a random bouquet of flowers but as I was checking out I noticed a bunch of succulents sitting there. And I got 4 for the price of a very un-unique bouquet of flowers. Last minute brilliance. While some people might think the table below needed some color, I really love how clean it turned out.

Also, even though you don’t see him in any of the photos, my husband was indeed there. He was just behind the camera most of the time.

Check. It. Out.

Let's Fete Birthday Let's Fete Birthday Let's Fete BirthdayLet's Fete Birthday

Let's Fete Birthday

HBD Lets FeteI can’t take credit for the little bit of brilliance below. We love a good dance party, and it’s usually Felix who gets one going. Recently though, Remy has been quite inventive with his moves. Below is what he was teaching us on my birthday. Priceless. (ps, that was Felix’s honest reaction to Remy’s new moves!)

HBD Remy Dance


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