the weekend

I love a good long weekend, don’t you? We were lucky and we all had MLK day off, so we had three luxurious days to soak up some family time. Alright, I’m no saint, by day three you kind of want to go back to work just to get some time away…but I’m not here to talk about that part. Not right now at least.

We finally got to go on a dog sled! Well, a modified one because there was very little snow. But it was so cool. Remy loved every second of it, and poor Felix decided he wanted to climb out about halfway through. The man driving the thing must have been quite nervous about losing a child as he was circling the pond.

It was really cold the whole weekend, so we didn’t get outside much, except for a snowball fight or two. We’re getting more of the white stuff tonight too, so I see some good sledding in our future! With lots of time indoors we got crafty for Valentine’s day, cooked quite a bit and dug some old toys up from the basement. There was also some wine involved for those of us that needed a teensy bit of help with our sanity at the end of the day.

Let's Fête Last weekend 11814


We loved sledding at Hidden Pond, it was a charity event, so spending $5 per kid was an easy decision. There are some more dates, check here, if you’re local!

Valentine’s crafts still in the works at home, might do a post on it if you’re really nice. But we did some jello from organic juice and Remy loved it as much as his first time around, here.

We got a great tent from a friend when Felix was born, a little place for Remy to have to himself. This is the tent we have, and love it! Easy to put up, and take down to stash away. Remy loved helping to put it together this time around.

Hope you all had a great weekend too!



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