Wreck it Ralph {4th birthday bash}

Wreck it Ralph by Let's Fête Kids Table

Wreck it Ralph by Let's Fête

Gonna wreck-it! How many of you have seen the movie Wreck-It Ralph? Well, it’s ridiculously cute and has tons of adorable and funny characters. My son, Remy, fell in love with the movie so much so that he wanted it for his birthday. This was the first year he wanted a movie theme, and I’m sure it’s not the last.

I finally dedicated some time to going through photos and compiling enough to cobble this post together. It’s not easy because, well, the photos aren’t that great (see below) and I have a bazillion other things to do that make sitting at my computer, for yet another hour, seem like a bad idea. It has been really fun to look back at it and relive it a little bit. I put a lot into this little shindig, and Remy just loved it. Sure it was his 4th birthday and you might expect him to just gloss over it like any other 4 year old, but no. This kid has enthusiasm I just can’t get over.

I did most of the actual setting up the night before, being the responsible planner that I am. He woke up, walked downstairs to see everything, and said…”wow, mama, it looks AMAZING! I’m SO excited for my party!” And ended the day with “That was the BEST party EVER!” Worth every minute.

Poor Remy had to wait a while for his party for various reasons. We ended up having to change the date twice due to Chris having to be out of the country for work, and also when Remy got sick the day of the party. Like pneumonia sick. The poor kid was devastated. But we pushed it out a couple weeks and even more friends ended up joining us.

Because of the twice delayed party I didn’t have a photographer on hand to capture our moments. I learned pretty quickly that I don’t end up taking pictures at my kid’s birthdays, and those moments are incredibly important to me. So, I like to have a photog there. Just wasn’t in the cards this year, so you have to bear with me re the quality of the photos below. My iPhone could only handle so much.

Enjoy the red, white and blue!

Wreck it Ralph Birthday Invitation by Let's Fête

Wreck it Ralph Lets Fete 3Wreck it Ralph Lets Fete 2 Wreck it Ralph Lets Fete 6Wreck it Ralph Lets Fete 1

WIR kids Table 2Wreck it Ralph Lets Fete 4 Wreck it Ralph Lets Fete 7Wreck it Ralph Lets Fete 8Wreck it Ralph Lets Fete 5

Here are some of the details, for those of you looking for some inspiration:


I had a hard time imagining an entire desert table for a 4th birthday party, so I tried to do mostly lunch food with a few sweet treats.

  • Cake: Whole Foods. Seriously. I went to the bakery and asked them if they could do a simple white frosted choc cake, two tiers, and they did! There was a slight mishap in picking up the cake, but you can ask Chris about that. It was on his watch. I just added some ribbon, printable circle, mini cake flag and Ralph himself. I really loved this, and it was so simple!
  • Oreo cookie truffles (just threw a stick in them, and then let the kids go bonkers)
  • Red velvet cupcakes – bought them at target as a last minute add. They were red, couldn’t resist.
  • Cotton candy: Aren’t these cute from Atlanta Concessions?! I had them on the table, but then also in the gift bags because they are so awesome. They come in individual serving sealed bags, which I just labeled with some of our Wreck it Ralph party pattern paper. HUGE hit!
  • Sandwiches: cheese and PB&J, slotted into really perfectly-sized-for-half-a-sandwich glassine bags, and topped with a little of the party pattern. And ps, it was actually sunflower butter on the sandwich as we had a no-nut friend in attendance.
  • Fruit & yogurt parfaits were a big hit
  • Carrot & celery with hummus, not as big of a hit (had to give it a go, right?)
  • We also had some parent-friendly food and drinks, but since this was a kids party, I didn’t take photos of that (for the record, I served: pesto pasta, caprese skewers, roasted mini brussels, mimosas, beer and cucumber water).


  • I did all the Wreck it Ralph printable items myself (invitations, banners, circles, etc). You can order a personalized printable set (by me!) here.
  • Wreck it Ralph cardstock items (Ralph who’s on top of the cake, Nicelanders building, Fix it Felix game): Spoonful.com – such a great resource for all things Disney and beyond.
  • Brick table back drop: I attached three pieces of posterboard and then covered with this great brick patterned paper you can find on Amazon, here. I also covered the kid’s table in it. It’s a massive roll, I need to come up with some other ideas for it!
  • straws, utensils, plastic jars, mason jar cups, all from Shop Sweet Lulu. I just love this online shop and get inspired every time I meander over there.

Gift Bags


  • We had a magician stop by to entertain the kiddos, and while this doesn’t really go with the Wreck it Ralph theme so much, it was really fun. Had to have something to keep the kids busy, since it was way too cold to go outside. Mr Magichead did a great job, had the kids laughing the entire time!

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