last weekend {boogie noses and baking}

We had a pretty mellow weekend. Remy handed his cold off to the rest of the family, and it was still pretty cold out. So, we hung out, we baked, we tried some new recipes and we did some yoga. Remy got to go see his first hockey game, albeit a low-key college game, he lasted a whole period! Came home talking of penalties and treats from the snack bar.

Felix got hit the worst with the cold, so he and I cuddled and played choo choos most of the time. Even his appetite wasn’t there – which is quite astonishing if you know this kid.

Weekend in photos below.

Let's Fête Weekend 1/25

  1. haircuts and ice cream go together like, well, so many other good things.
  2. lots of choo choo time. luckily this keeps Felix busy for a while, and he can do it while feeling crappy.
  3. some REALLY good gluten free biscuits coming to the blog later this week. maple and bacon are involved. you can hold your breath if you want to.
  4. cashew milk. have you ever tried it? well, this was my first time making it and it is quite tasty. equally as important, it was super easy to make! boys don’t like it though, like at all.
  5. Remy yoga. he was teaching us this pose – he calls it both “clam” and “shell” – I don’t know yoga well enough to help him out there. I prefer clam though, so I’ll stick with that one.
  6. what would you do if there were a plate of maple bacon biscuits on the table? why yes, I’m sure you would try to balance them on your leg. give it a go.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend as well!!


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