last weekend {parks and painting}

It was such a beautiful weekend here in Boston. It even got up to 45! Even though the last of Felix’s cold was hanging on, we spent most of the weekend outside. Lots of walks and park time. A couple storms are forecasted for this week, so glad we got out while we could! I guess mr. groundhog was right when he said six more weeks of winter…might as well embrace it, right?

Last weekend 20114, Let's Fête

  • 1/2 – pb&j hand pies, a hit with the bambinos – similar to these, but filled with pb&j!
  • 3/4 – Remy and mama date painting some animals at Plaster Fun Time. I giggled when Remy chose red for his shark. “why are you laughing mama?” “well, because you chose red, it looks like your shark just ate something.” “it did. that’s the blood. and then I also have green because he got a tummy ache.” love love love that mind.
  • 5/6/7/8 – park time! they never wanted to leave. swings, slides, sand, soccer…thank goodness for a dose of warmer weather, we needed that break!
  • 9 – Isn’t this how you use your iPad? No? We love the Buzzle app for the kids. When Felix completes a puzzle he likes to give himself a big round of applause. Clearly he’s now trying to make it more challenging by playing the game with his foot. I’ll let you know how that goes.
  • 10 – Remy vowed to spend the night in one of his epic forts, but later forgot that plan. Probably best. I like my sleep. (but I was curious to see how that would go…another day).

Hope you had an amazing weekend too!


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