mini gluten free chocolate pies {mini bites of heaven}

Chocolate Mini Pies Let's Fête

What goes better with a snow day than some rich chocolatey goodness? Yes, you are correct, the answer is nothing. After spending a really ridiculous amount of time getting the snow off my driveway, I dove into making these. As I’ve said before, each time I bake gluten free, it’s a total mystery if it will turn out. This one was a little dicey at times. The pie crust was really hard to manage when I went to put it into the mini muffin tin, and then a little crumbly once cooked. But, the taste made the effort worth it, and if you have to make gluten free, this is a REALLY good option.

As for the pudding filling. Well, it is divine. You could just make this part for desert and you wouldn’t be upset about it (or anything else for that matter). It’s rich and luscious in all it’s pudding glory.

Definitely a good option for Valentine’s day!

Chocolate Mini Pies Let's Fête

Pie dough: Martha Stewart

Once you make the dough, do this:

  • heat oven to 350
  • melt some butter and use a pastry brush to coat the mini muffin tins (inside and on top!) so the pies don’t stick
  • roll dough to 1/8 or so thick, cut circles with biscuit cutter/2.5 – 3 inch circle cookie cutter – I got 24 (put them in the fridge to keep them from getting too warm and sticky)
  • then baked for 20 mins, or until golden
  • let cool and fill with the below chocolate filling – easier with a piping bag or something like that

Filling: Just a Pinch (just to be transparent, I used a nice cocoa powder, not Hershey’s)

  • I let the pudding cool and thicken before adding to the pie shells (I’ll pretend that was intentional, but it wasn’t, my oven crapped out while baking the pie shell, and I had to turn it back on…)
  • Probably best to pop the complete mini pies in the fridge for a little to really firm up that pudding filling, but we didn’t – we popped them in our mouths instead.

Rave reviews all around. Let me know if you try these!

Chocolate Mini Pies Let's Fête


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