Valentine Treasure Boxes

Last week I dug through some crafty drawers, and stumbled upon a new family tradition. With Valentine’s just around the corner we decided to put together some treasure boxes. Both of my boys love the idea of treasure, and I really love that it’s more than a gift. A treasure can be just about anything – and it’s obvious it doesn’t have to come from a store. Immediately Remy was working on pieces of art to add to the boxes.

After attacking these things a few different times, I’m ready to call them finished. I kind of wish I would have worked with something a little more sturdy than the brown kraft boxes I used, but hey, that’s what I had on hand. Maybe next year we can design some forever boxes (and I’ll make them bigger, the treasures I’ve found are too big!).

You can easily recreate the below idea with any container, some paint, painters tape, washi tape and some markers. Clearly I was into stripes.

Valentines Treasure Boxes by Let's Fête Valentines Treasure Boxes by Let's Fête

Here are some of the amazing treasures we picked up this past weekend at Local Love 14, put on by the Boston Center for Adult Education. Remy and I made it a day date with just the two of us – I loved all the designers, and he loved all the sugar (donuts, chocolate, macarons…). Win-win. I met some really lovely people that I hope to work with in the future!

Valentines Treasure Boxes by Let's Fête Valentines Treasure Boxes by Let's Fête Valentines Treasure Boxes by Let's Fête

And, last but certainly not least, are the treasures Remy made tonight. Lots of brown paper, sparkly tape & washi tape. He’s obsessed with scissors, so this allowed for quite a bit of practice!

Valentines Treasure Boxes Let's Fête

I love both starting a new tradition, as well as meeting some great local peeps I might be able to call on for future events and special occasions. I think the week of LOVE will have plenty of lovely surprises.


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