Valentine’s Day {recap}

I hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine’s Day, even if you don’t really celebrate it. Before having kids, it wasn’t much for us – a dinner here, some flowers there. But now, well, you probably know me well enough, I want to make some memories with them!

While this week threw a couple curve-balls (snow storms and oven troubles) we still managed to pull of a really fun and memorable Valentine’s. We started the day with Daddy being home from traveling (yay!) and our normal get-out-the-door for work and school routine, but ended it with out treasure boxes, gifts and a fun fondue dinner. In-between the bookends of the day the boys celebrated with their friends at school. I loved making their Valentine’s special this year, and they were equally excited to hand them out. Remy was also quite happy that all his friends gave him Valentine’s as well – really cute (well, let’s be honest, he really just wanted the candy).

Here are the Valentine’s I put together for the boys. Remy chose all the treasures for his friends quite some time ago, and he was really excited to share them with everybody. Felix could care less, because he’s not even two, but still had to give them something fun! Felix’s took much longer than I thought they would…but worth it!

Valentines Day 2014 Let's Fête Valentines Day 2014 Let's Fête Valentines Day 2014 Let's Fête

The Tory Burch box I used to send them to school in didn’t hurt the aesthetic. Gotta love her graphic logos.

Here’s a peek into our evening. While I didn’t get much for photos of the food, it was okay. I didn’t love the fondue recipe, or I’d share it (it was practically polished off, regardless). I’ll let you know when I find one I adore. I will say though, I love having lots of fruits and veggies on hand to dip – gotta balance that bowl of cheese with some healthyness! Oh, I also love our fondue pot. You can use this Emile Henry pot on the stove, oven and microwave! Then just pop it onto the table stand/burner stand and you’re good to go for fondue time.

Felix’s new book below is Diggers Go by Steve Light – while we were in Provincetown last summer we got another book by him called Trucks Go, and fell in love. They’re simple, and pretty, and the kids really love them. Over and over and over.

Valentines Day 2014 Let's Fête Valentines Day 2014 Let's FêteI tried to get a photo before school of both boys all cute in their Love day outfits…but that didn’t work out. Then, miraculously, there was this…I didn’t ask for it, but I did have my camera at the ready (please note the elbow dimple). Heart melting.

Valentines Day 2014 Let's Fête

Lots of LOVE over here at our house. Even with all the never-ending snow storming going on.



3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day {recap}

  1. That photo is wonderful! I think that home made Valentine’s are also great to give. I was the most popular kid in school because I was the only one who gave handmade valentines and little treasures the other card kits didn’t give. Glowing dinosaurs are always cool 🙂

    1. Thank you! I always brought homemade when I was younger as well. I loved the process with my mom, and hope to build those memories with my boys too! Favorite quote of the day was from a friend of my son’s as he was leaving school “Remy look! I’m wearing the valentine necklace you gave me!” 🙂

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