last weekend {snow and more snow}

If you are anywhere in the world that is getting lots of snow this winter, we feel your pain. While I have come to love the snow, and relax as a storm approaches (I’m from the West coast, so I had to learn this), I am getting tired of snow suits, hats and mittens. I long to just open the doors and run out to play in the yard – barely getting some sandals on the feet of my little boys. But, we’re not even close to that. As you see in the pics below, we’ve had snow storm after snow storm – with little melting in-between. We are making the most of it though!

We spent HOURS outside playing in the snow this weekend. Exploring. Watching the water drip off icicles. Sledding down our hill. Slipping on ice patches. Really embracing our cold noses and red cheeks.

We also spent hours inside staying cozy, watching movies chasing each other and playing in tents.

Remy also started his first gymnastics class and didn’t want to leave. Ever. That says it all!!

Let's Fête Weekend 21514


I hope you had an amazing weekend as well! More snow on it’s way tomorrow…but I think 50 by the end of the week. Eeeeeeek.


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