Chicken Paillard {simple & bright}

We found a wonderful company, Blue Apron, a while back and absolutely love them. They deliver three nights worth of produce and meat, along with recipes, to your door once a week  – everything pre-measured in the right quantities. You wash, chop & cook up really tasty dishes. This is one of those things that just makes life a teensy bit easier. I’m still making a fresh and delicious dinner, just don’t have to do the shopping or planning for it. On top of everything, if you’re going to be out of town or look at the planned meals and don’t want them, it’s as easy as clicking your mouse to opt out.

Last night we made one of the recipes that we got in a box last september. Since you get recipe cards with the box, it’s really easy to replicate later if you want. This chicken paillard recipe with warm potato salad and marinated tomatoes is so fresh and satisfying. Pounding the chicken thin means it cooks up fast, and the side dishes would be excellent with just about anything if you wanted to make those separately later. We replace the flour with a gluten free one, greek yogurt for the mayonnaise, and though I’m sure the tarragon in the potato salad is divine, hubby isn’t a fan so I leave it out.

Look at these fabulous colors! I can almost feel spring (and can certainly smell it!).

Chicken Paillard

Here’s the finished dish – barely had time to snap a shot before we dove in. The chicken is simple and goes brilliantly with the vibrant flavors in the sides. Bonus, the boys love the chicken too (they’re still oddly iffy about potatoes and tomatoes, so I steamed some carrots instead).

Also, this dish is definitely worthy of a dinner party. You can prep most of it in advance so you don’t have to slave away while guests are there.

Chicken Paillard_1

PS, Blue Apron didn’t give me anything for saying all these nice things. Just speaking from my experience with them, and their yummy food.


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