Let’s Inspire {black, grey & green}

These three colors are a bit hard to find together. Lots of green and grey, black and white, even black/white/green, but all three together is a tougher search. I love grey, I have half a closet full of it, and well, who doesn’t like black? They are really solid, classy, and masculine colors (or, well, lack of colors??). But leaving a festive occasion just black and white could end up a little cold. With spring right around the corner (wishing…hoping) this vibrant green feels like the perfect accompaniment. For a kids party I think you could have all three colors in equal weight, but for an adult affair I think I’d use green sparingly. It demands enough attention that you don’t need much. Maybe just the flowers and a couple other details. I love a good green flower arrangement!

Let's Fête Black Grey and Green Inspo Board


PS – I felt really compelled to add a little brown kraft paper in there – grounds it a bit, no?

I’ll let you know where all these colors are going soon…


What do you think?

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