last weekend {brights & birthdays}

We had a busy busy weekend. The weather finally warmed up and melted some of that snow that has been building up, and we had two birthday parties to go to. It made the weekend absolutely fly by, and I think the whole family was exhausted this morning.

Let's Fête Weekend 022214


  • We built a really big tent by hanging sheets from the ceiling, draping some white christmas lights on top, and tying the sides together. We threw a couple old crib mattresses in and then the costumes were a natural addition as well. I LOVE this pick of him.
  • The boys gettin’ crazy at birthday party #2. SO much fun. And I love that my friend asked for people to give gifts for a local children’s charity. We brought diapers and wipes. I think I’ll steal this for future parties. My boys don’t need any more toys!
  • We did a little neon painting this weekend. Still slightly unsure about how these will come together, but almost certain neon will be a part of Felix’s second birthday…
  • This was from birthday party #1, at a trampoline park. So much fun, and such a workout for the kids! You might notice he has a slice of cake AND a cupcake here. Well, yeah, I just let him go for it.
  • Felix at the 2nd birthday. This was him refusing to participate in “Happy Birthday” singing and cake eating. I guess it’s fair given he doesn’t eat cake (his choice, not mine).
  • I just included this because I noticed Chris’ hot tattoo in the shot.

Hope you had a fun weekend too!


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