neon garland

Let's Fête neon ball garland

So, what was with those brightly painted balls in my weekend post? Well, while out this weekend with the family, I stumbled upon these beautiful neon paints – Felix was with me, and he was immediately smitten as well. Even held them for me in the store. Such a big helper (I won’t tell you about the grabby-at-everything-hands, and the not listening while running around the store…). I immediately thought about his 2nd birthday – creeping up so quickly!

While I haven’t moved beyond the idea of neon colors at his birthday, I did paint up some foam craft balls and string them together for a really vibrant garland. This is just the burst of light we need as the winter hangs on. While I staged this puppy on our mantel for now, it probably won’t stay there. If neon sticks for his birthday, it will be used there, and then possibly in his room. It’s needing a bit of energy in there.

If you make one you could really use it anywhere – bedroom decor (would be really cute on the head of a bed), somewhere in the house to brighten it up, classroom decoration, or even just table-top like in some of the photos below.

If you have ’em, get those kiddies to work – Remy really loved this project. Super doable for them, so they don’t get frustrated. And as long as you lay down some paper to catch the mess, it’s easy for you too!

Let's Fête Neon Ball Garland Supplies

Here’s what I used:

  • small and medium sized foam craft balls (you can choose any size you want for your garland!) Like these and these. I like having a couple sizes to change it up a bit, but one size all the way would be cute too!
  • neon paint – I used tempera paint which I found at Paper Source – can’t find the product online though.
  • plastic or paper cups
  • paper plates (not pictured)
  • paint brushes (not pictured)
  • twine, or other thick string (a softer one won’t push through the ball as easily)
  • meat thermometer. This worked crazy good to poke holes through the foam balls! It stays steady as you carefully (don’t hurt yourself!) push the craft ball down. Seriously brilliant move on my part. Seriously.

Let's Fête neon ball garland

To do: it’s really simple.

  • put one of your foam balls into a cup, and paint using whatever color you like! You have to work around it a bit, tilt the cup a little to make it stay(ish) in one place. Dabbing the paint on really worked for me. And don’t be stingy with it – I was – and Remy’s turned out way better because he really coated those puppies.
  • roll the fully painted ball out onto a paper plate to dry. I did all of one color and then moved onto the next, just guestimating how many I thought I needed.
  • grab a new cup (or wash the one you were using), and start with a new color.
  • once all your painted balls have dried (I waited overnight, but I’m sure a couple hours would do), grab that meat thermometer and drive holes right through the middle.
  • string your balls, in whatever order you like, onto the twine. The length of twine you need is based on how many balls you have and how long you want your garland.
  • hang!
  • see, wasn’t that easy?

Let's Fête Neon Ball Garlands


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