last weekend {things with wheels}

Last weekend was packed with activities around the house. We kind of just stayed put for some reason. Felix wasn’t really himself, and Remy has been big on discovering new ways to play with old toys, so we just hunkered down for he most part (except for one night of dinner and kiddie play at a neighbors house – it’s good to mix it up, even on a low-key weekend!). It was nice. Cozy. A good pace for a cold weekend. Lots of movies, books, baking and their most favorite types of toys…things with wheels.

Every car, motorcycle, bike, trike and plane was played with, and pretty sure out on the floor at the same time. We even took our wheels to the streets a few times to fly down the hills around our house. Trying to be patient for warmer weather over here…but still bundling up like crazy because it’s not here yet!

Hope you all had a great weekend too! XOXO

LF Weekend 030114


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