last weekend {crazy town}

Holy mother. Things are crazy right now. Crazy in a good way, but I’m really on the verge of not being able to keep up. Anyone who knows me well knows that will make me extremely uncomfortable. But, that’s how you learn and grow, right? Being a bit uncomfortable.

Anyway, I think the next couple of months are really going to push some limits. I’ll keep you posted on why and all new developments as they come. First up, we’re moving. We had an offer accepted on a really lovely home, which I will not actually share with you until it’s a done deal. Perhaps a little superstitious, but we need to get through all this closing process before I’m letting myself get too excited. So, that’s one thing that is making life nuts.

Felix had croup over the weekend. So, no sleep for mama. He’s feeling better now, but still keeping me up some (just an hour and a half last night…yawn).

Enjoy the pics below. We still had a fun weekend exploring towns and houses, and laying low at home so Felix could recover.

Let's Fête Weekend 032914


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