last weekend {surprises and sunshine}

Whew, what a whirlwind last weekend was! All good things though. I’ve been planning my husband’s 40th birthday surprise party for quite some time, and haven’t been able to share any of the details until now. Because, you know, it was a surprise! I knew he wouldn’t allow for a party if he knew about it, but I knew he’d love one if I could pull it off covertly. It was a huge success, tons of fun, and there are a few pics below to give you a taste. Full post on that later…

The rest of our weekend was spent enjoying the sunshine, blue skies and a bit slower pace. I am ecstatic that we didn’t have to go to any more open houses! It was our fist weekend in a couple months that we didn’t spend at least a couple hours sunday afternoon driving all over looking at houses (most of which were disappointments).

Let's Fête Weekend 040514


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