neon farm 2nd birthday part one {the animals}

Let's Fête Neon Farm Party

Felix, much like other kids his age, LOVES animals. He is fearless and gentle as you can see above. Actually handles animals far more gently than he does humans, but that’s a different conversation.

While planning his birthday party he talked a lot about farm animals, cows, horses, pigs. So we thought having a local farm visit with their baby animals would be an insanely exciting experience for all the kids. And it WAS! Seriously, we ALL loved this part so much. There’s nothing better than cuddly little baby animals. The goats were nibbling on hair and shirts, the lamb was baa-ing away and the chicks and ducklings were going crazy for food and water. And I can’t forget the little piglet. Only two weeks old! All wrapped up in a swaddling blanket like every two week old likes to be. Slept through most everything. A little self preservation going on there, I’m sure.

Vendor details below the pics. Tune in tomorrow for some decor pics!

Let's Fête Neon Farm Collage 1

  • Petting zoo: Animal Craze {cannot say enough about these guys, they were amazing!}
  • Neon Balloons: Target
  • Neon yarn for balloon ties: Michael’s
  • Yellow Monster Shirt (first image): Gap {Remy’s absolute new favorite shirt}
  • Bee Bop Bam Shirt (on Felix): old, but more styles here Crewcuts
  • Plaid cargo shorts (on Felix): old, but similar here Gap

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