last weekend {boys & puddles}

With Chris out of town last weekend the boys and I had some major bonding time. It’s really amazing how you get used to having four hands around to corral the boys and entertain. We usually end up with one parent hanging out with the boys while the other does chores around the house and whatnot. When you don’t have your other half you quickly realize two things 1) it takes a lot of energy to entertain two boys 100% of the time 2) it’s really amazing to just focus on them 100% of the time. I washed dishes in between playing with the choo choo and transformer time, folded laundry after they went to bed, and cooked dinner with both of them next to me. Sure, everything takes longer this way, but we didn’t have any place to be. Well, we did, but I kind of skipped out on soccer practice (hey, it was muddy and rainy and entertaining Felix on the sidelines while also paying attention to Remy was just not going to happen).

Let's Fête Weekend 042614


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