let’s DIY {mini piñatas}

cinco de mayo_10

Okay sure, this was supposed to be a post before Cinco de Mayo, but here we are on the 7th. Don’t hate. And, you might be thinking it’s now irrelevant, save it for next year. Well, my loves, it’s because you can use this information all year round. I now plan on making mini piñatas for lots of occasions. Different shapes, sizes and colors. Just because you see a little donkey here, doesn’t mean you are limited. See how I did that? Old content, now relevant.

Last week I decided to try a couple of the decor items I’d found online, and keep it simple. Well, that’s what I thought anyway. I will say that while these little projects are simple in theory, they do take some time. Like most things, I suppose. Doing them the night before you want to use them? Not advised. Don’t even attempt one of these the day before. I encourage a little time management and planning here. Unless you’ve got a free day to craft it up, then I think you can manage. If there are no kids around.

You will find an awesome tutorial here at Oh Happy Day. I do not need to do my own tutorial, because this one is so awesome. What I will offer is that I found a donkey piñata shape via google images that I liked, printed it out and used that as my template when cutting out the sides of my figure. I really can’t wait to make all sorts of shapes of these!

cinco de mayo_17 cinco de mayo_16



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