simple diy gifts {goblet succulents}

goblet succulents

If you have a Target nearby, I say you snag at least one set of the Oh Joy! for Target goblets, stat. These colors are seasonal and perfect for a last minute hostess gift. And one that doesn’t look last minute at all! I had planned on filling these little beauties up with flowers for my mama friends on Mother’s day. Our families were all getting together the evening of Mother’s day for dinner, not to celebrate us, but to actually have one last get-together before we move to another town. Not far away, but definitely not just across the street.

These ladies (and gents) mean a lot to me. When we moved to New England we didn’t know anyone, and didn’t know what to expect. You hear stories of it being kind of a rough crowd around here, but I am hear to tell you we experienced quite the opposite. We rented a home on a nice dead-end street, with lots of families all around. It sounds planned, but really we just lucked out. There was NOTHING available when we moved (November) and this house was just meant for us. We immediately fell in love with the people around us. We’ve spent countless days out in the yards and street chasing kids and chatting about everything. Anyway, it was an evening to celebrate all that and more to come. Just different. I actually have to get in my car to drive over now.

goblet succulents_9

goblet succulents_7

Back to the lovelies you see here. Well, I had the goblets and ran to the florist a couple hours before dinner…on mother’s day…yes…flowers were scarce. I didn’t care. I didn’t even walk in to see the flowers (or lack of) before I snagged a few succulents that I thought would be really cool in the bright goblets. Lucky me, right? They could have gotten a goblet full of tree branches from the yard or something.

let's fête goblet succulents_1

All you need to do is re-pot the succulent, add a flamingo stir stick (because, why not?) and a washi tape flag. Boom. Done and happy. These played a little centerpiece role at the dinner, and then went home with the moms.

I think I need to pick up another set of goblets for my own centerpiece! You could do some amazing stuff with a bunch of flowers and a piece of florist foam too. Have at it!

let's fête goblet succulents_4

let's fête goblet succulents_6


  • flamingo stir sticks: Target (but can’t find them online)
  • goblets: Oh Joy! for Target (again, can’t find online…check the party section!)
  • succulents: local florist
  • skewers and washi tape for the flags

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