last weekend {sun & friends}

We finally got some good heat here in New England! Woo hoo! Because of that, we spent almost every waking moment outside soaking it up. We even spent a couple hours of that at the new house, playing in the backyard. The floors were still in process, so we didn’t run around the house, but watered the baby grass and played in the shade. It was glorious. Seriously.

And then there was all the time at the old/current house. We just love our neighbors and the fact that we can just play outside and everyone joins us in a matter of minutes. I can only hope we have something similar at the new pad. These are some very special folks though, pretty sure they can’t be replaced. With soccer practice Sunday morning, and then the entire afternoon spent on the front lawn, the boys were totally spent by Sunday night. Remy proclaimed it the “BEST DAY EVER!” as he fell to sleep. I wouldn’t disagree if it weren’t for the packing and organizing I was doing in between play sessions. Seriously, our new house has a bit to live up to.

Let's Fête Weekend 051014


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