painted & pom’d drink stirrers {diy}


LF neon drink stirrers_2

I’m prepping a special order for a client, and this was one of the first things that popped into my head. I think the little things can be the most memorable in an event, especially smaller functions. People tend to notice the details more when it’s there’s not a huge to-do surrounding them. This is where I thrive. I love (and specialize in) smaller shindigs, and these are intended for just that. Think dinner or cocktail party. People milling about with this bright little number in their drink…fun, right?

Here’s how I did it. Any novice can pull this one off in about an hour…depending on how many you’re going to make. And, you can customize these babies in any color combo you want!

what you need:

LF neon drink stirrers

First, you’ll want to paint the 1-2 inch section on the top (you can even tape this off if you want a precise line on the bottom). The technique I used was to dip it in paint, then use a paintbrush to paint the excess off and create an even line at the bottom of the paint.

I stood the painted sticks up in a little tin I had lying around (but you can use a cup or whatever) – finally found a good use for that old ricotta cup that I kept only because it’s so cute.


LF neon drink stirrers_3

Once dry, I just dabbed the end gently into glue, and then pushed the mini pom onto that. I found that leaving the pom on the table and pushing the top of the stick down onto it worked best. Put pressure on that for 10 seconds or so.

LF neon drink stirrers_4 LF neon drink stirrers_5

Put it back into the cup to dry – they don’t stay on as well if you let them dry flat.

THAT’S IT!! (well, besides putting it in a drink. you should definitely do that too)

LF neon drink stirrers_7


LF neon drink stirrers_9 LF neon drink stirrers_8


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