pineapple picnic {inspiration}

With the sun shining and warmer-ish temps, I’ve been feeling all sorts of summery vibes. With summer seems to have come pineapples. Seriously, they seem to be all the rage – clearly the fruit itself really lends itself to summer recipes, but also the graphic is showing up everywhere! I love it and love even more what so many creative-types have done with it. Since the pineapple is heralded as the princess of fruits (makes sense, right?) and credited as the symbol of hospitality and welcome, it is absolutely perfect as a theme. Color, flavor, design…it’s like a party jackpot up in here!

Check out the board below for some fun ideas and links to creating your own little summer fête based on this sweet fruit. You could do something casual, or a quirky baby shower, outdoor bbq birthday, any occasion works here.

While I had only intended on lending some inspiration, I’m kind of obsessed with the idea now…

Let's Fête Pineapple picnic

  • Grilled pineapple and shrimp kabobs seem like a must here. Grill everything you can to make the execution simple enough, and clean up a breeze.
  • This pineapple watercolor print is lovely, isn’t it? You don’t even need a party to enjoy this – it would spruce up any decor.
  • a pineapple margarita is a no-brainer, but there are about a bazzilion other pineapple drink recipes, so setting up a make-your-own drink station would be fun too!
  • This invitation might be more DIY than you’re looking for, but if it’s a bigger event you’re throwing and you’ve got some lead time, I say go for it and make a huge impact before guests even arrive.
  • What a great theme this print could be – could even make the invitations with the same language. And the “know when to give up and have a margarita” print could stick around long after your guests leave.
  • For the kiddos, a pineapple carrot smoothie would keep them happy as little clams. (ps, I’m trying this tonight with mine!)
  • pineapple stirrers are high impact for such little things!
  • Because this gold backdrop is made from purchased fringe, the DIY shouldn’t take very long at all. I just love the effect for photos.
  • To bring it all together, a colorful Mexican blanket works on the ground (you know, for sitting) or as a table cloth. Imagine all white serving dishes sitting atop all this pattern. Lovely energy there.

Now I’m pretty sure you’re craving a pineapple margarita by now, I am, so maybe you should throw a little party this weekend!




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