last weekend {plants & carnivals}

I find we’re all talking about the weather this time of year, especially if you happened to live in a place where the winter was particularly bad. Well, that’s us, so we’re all gushing over the nice weather that has FINALLY come our way. So, I’m sorry if it’s getting old when I say that this weekend had really nice weather. Not warm enough to spend a day at the beach, but warm enough to be outside for most of it. We delivered on a long-standing promise to Remy to take them to the carnival/fair that was going on near his school. It was awful. I mean, he liked it, but it was awful. You pay way too much to buy tickets for them to go on rides that last about :30, and then they aren’t tall enough to go on things they really want to, so there are tears. And then Felix is in just about the worst stage known to anyone in the history of ever, so he was screaming and running exactly the opposite direction he was supposed to after he got off each ride (and the kid is crazy fast). You feel me, right? Total pain in the ass and leaves you feeling like you need a stiff drink.

Other than that our weekend was beautiful, laid back and full of sunshine and giggles. Wow that was cheesy…but also true.

Let's Fête weekend 53114PS – see that random photo on the bottom left? Does anyone else do this? When we eat out we are constantly trimming Felix’s straws shorter so he can drink from them without having to tip the whole cup or hold it in his lap. They are just too long for little ones! We did it with Remy too until he got big enough to maneuver it a little better. But I tell you, cutting a straw with a butter knife is a dangerous game.


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