lemonade stand {inspiration}

Hello yellow! This week’s inspiration board theme comes at ya straight from a two year old. Felix’s absolute favorite beverage of choice right now is lemonade. However, when he says it it’s far cuter. ‘wemadade’ is probably the most adorable word a little person can utter (I know that’s not really the case because there are so many cute ones…but this is up there!). When you turn something as simple as lemonade into a party theme, magical things can happen. I went with a pretty straight-up yellow palette here, but that definitely doesn’t have to be the case (pink lemonade, anyone?) – maybe mix some yellow with more green, pink or blue – go crazy!

Though I don’t have pictures below, I highly recommend enjoying a lemonade margarita, lemon-champagne sparkler or a gin shandy from these Real Simple recipes!

Let's Fête Lemonade Stand Inspo Board

  • I love just about everything about this invitation – good for a kid’s party (as shown) but also great for a little family summer shindig too!
  • You’ve got to have some shade at this event (fingers crossed it’s nice and sunny!), and why not provide guests with some parasols like these. Or even better, use them as decor and hang them from a couple wires strung between trees or from the house? I call that pretty shade.
  • Mason jars lend themselves quite nicely to this theme. There’s really not much mason jars don’t work for, but lemonade-filled is a particularly nice version.
  • I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed my undying love for patterned straws – I use them on the daily at home. Pick some yellow ones up for the lemonade, OR choose a good accent color like green or pink depending on what you are serving.
  • I kind of die for the color and texture of these flowers. I feel like they’re a really lovely balance to the cheery yellow, adding some depth to the otherwise sunshiny palette.
  • Party hats? Why not? I will say that I don’t feel like anyone really wears party hats though, no matter how cute. Good for a photo booth, maybe?
  • If you’re drinking out of mason jars, you might as well pour out of one too! Love the size of this, and I imagine is really sturdy too!
  • Get a set of patterned paper that goes with the color theme (if you go pink lemonade, sprinkle that in too!) – You can line baskets with it, create place settings, make pennants – provides lots of impact with just a few sheets of paper!
  • Pie seems like a no-brainer here. Summer day, lemonade…and yes, PIE. You can serve it or send some home with guests in some of these individual slice boxes. Adorable. Memorable. Tasty. Seriously can’t go wrong.



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