washi table races {kids entertainment}

I’m not sure how many of you take your kids to restaurants often, but we do maybe twice a week. We always have, so they are really used to it and quite well behaved (I might be patting myself on the back a little there…). But they’re also 2 & 4, so you can’t expect them to just sit there having a conversation with you for an hour. They get antsy and need some entertainment as they wait for their food. I usually have my purse filled with play dough, small toys, crayons, etc. which is lots of fun when I go back to work on Monday.

The other evening I didn’t have much in there, I can’t always be prepared, can I? But I did have one car, some washi tape and a few little animals. That was IT. I’m not even sure why I had washi tape in there. It just doesn’t make any sense, but I’m glad I did.

I created this little race track for the car, and it was a huge hit. I also created one for Remy’s side of the table, where he raced his little animals. But was really mad at first because I only had one car. Clearly the end of the world.

Thought I’d share this just in case anyone was looking for some good restaurant distraction. Super easy and can definitely keep their attention until the food gets there.

ps: sorry for the bad pics…you know…restaurant lighting and my iPhone…and a moving target.

Let's Fête table washi

Let's Fête table washi Let's Fête table washi



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