iced coffee bar {father’s day brunch inspiration}

Let's Fête Coffee Bar 11I know I’m not alone when I say dads (and moms) need coffee. I mean, it kind of goes with the territory. When you decide to have kids you don’t really know the levels of sleep deprivation that are going to follow. You think it’s cute when friends tell you they don’t sleep much now that they have kids, and you figure you don’t really either, you’ll be fine. Then the baby comes and you really think you are going to DIE from sleep deprivation. For real. Coffee follows. I didn’t even drink coffee until I had my first. And now, well, I do. I’m still not sure I like the taste, but here we are.

So, for father’s day I think it’s appropriate to throw up a super simple iced coffee bar alongside your other goodies. Sure you can go with hot coffee, but I thought with summer approaching and all, iced might be fun. Trust me when I say this is really simple, and you can print & cut a couple signs (link below!), pull out a few glasses, get some iced coffee, some mix-ins, and you’re on your way to getting your caffeine on! However, I do understand you probably need a cup of joe before you tackle this…I won’t judge.

Let's Fête Coffee Bar 1

Grab your favorite coffee fixins and have at a cute little table – you can’t go wrong. I used:

  • iced coffee from whole foods (I really like this one, and you can find it near the juices, they make it in-house)
  • simple syrup (I like this as it works better with the cold beverages)
  • vanilla syrup
  • cream
  • almond milk
  • stirrers (I used washi tape to create flags on mine)
  • straws
  • ice
  • some cute printable signs (FREE to download here (coffee bar signs)

Let's Fête Coffee Bar 19

I think a little table tends to look more intentional if you grab a couple platters and organize some of your things on them. Nothing crazy, just creates a little visual order. I also liked having a few different sized glasses. I might want an XXL iced coffee, while someone else might want something more reasonable (plus it looks good with different glasses, no?).

Let's Fête Coffee Bar 2


Adding some hight and texture with some flowers is always a nice touch. I cut this from a tree in our front yard – and you could do the same with some simple greenery too.

Let's Fête Coffee Bar 12

The fun fabric tassel garland was something I made for my son’s room, but love how it looked in this set-up. A bit rustic. Similarly you could grab something from around the house. Ribbon, twine, a long thin scarf. You can use it to hang your sign, or just drape it like I did. Or have nothing at all, it’s really not necessary to be festive.

Add your own brunch foods, perhaps some bubbly and a dad or two…and you’ve nailed father’s day like a champ!

Let's Fête Coffee Bar 3 Let's Fête Coffee Bar 4 Let's Fête Coffee Bar 5 Let's Fête Coffee Bar 6 Let's Fête Coffee Bar 7 Let's Fête Coffee Bar 8 Let's Fête Coffee Bar 9 Let's Fête Coffee Bar 10 Let's Fête Coffee Bar 12 Let's Fête Coffee Bar 14 Let's Fête Coffee Bar 16 Let's Fête Coffee Bar 20 Let's Fête Coffee Bar 21


  • glassware: pitcher, tumblers and goblets (crate & barrel), tall glasses (target), milk bottles (paper source), cork topped glass (target)
  • white platters (home goods)

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