last weekend {daddies & dinners}

Happy Father’s Day!

Since Chris and I took last week off to get settled at the new house (which only kind of worked, BTW), this weekend almost felt like it got in the way of our progress. Don’t get me wrong, I always enjoy a good weekend with all my boys, but you can’t keep any momentum going with two little running about. Forced us to slow it down and soak up the weekend a little bit. While I’m really anxious to get back to organizing my office and decorating the boys’ rooms…it was nice to go out to breakfast and dinner, spend some time with friends and try and work around a two year old tantrum or two (ten, maybe?).

We walked down to the main street of town for the first time, just over 1.5 miles, for an art festival. Luckily there were some snacks and music to sit an enjoy, because the boys don’t really care about art. We also got to be outside quite a bit between taking care of the yard (wow that takes a lot of time & effort!) and swimming at a friend’s pool. We were all exhausted by the time Sunday evening rolled around.

Hope you had a lovely one too!

Let's Fête weekend 61414


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