wildflowers {inspiration}

Are you ready for a little whimsy? I guess I am. I find it interesting that when I dive into one of these inspiration boards, they often reflect my mood or mindset at that time. But back to the actual inspiration – organic, light, airy, relaxed, dreamy – all things I think and feel when I daydream about a field of wildflowers (you’re there right now, aren’t you…spinning around taking deep breaths of the fresh air…?). When going with something like wildflowers, the theme can easily go country. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I just prefer something slightly different. So if I were going to go down this wildflower path, I’d choose these clean lines, pops of color and relaxed vibe of it all. I hope this gets you thinking too!

Let's Fête Wildflowers Inspiration


  • How energetic is this invitation? The pops of color, the white space. Just pure loveliness all around. I’d want to go to that party, and probably wear some sort of big fancy hat and a bright dress. (you can come too)
  • I like the idea of putting some comfort around this wildflower party. Perhaps a few pillows on chairs, or even floor pillows on the grass and everyone just kind of camps out to eat (that dress might be difficult in this situation)? This would be a good option for the chair scenario.
  • A simple display with the utensils can add such a nice detail to an event. Doesn’t have to be much, but a little flower wrapped up around the napkin like this is quite sweet.
  • These bouquets are exactly what I think of when I hear the word wildflower. Disarmingly organic and unstructured, yet beautiful and inspiring. Makes you feel young again.
  • Now we don’t always need to hand gifts out to our party guests, but if you do these seed bombs are a nice touch with the theme. There are quite a few versions of this product, shapes, colors, sizes – but these blue ones are pretty dramatic, no? Guests could take a couple home, throw them in a pot of dirt and watch the magic happen.
  • I’d kind of be mad at your if you executed a wildflower themed party and didn’t have a DIY flower crown station. I mean, really.
  • Just an example of how you could execute a tablescape for this theme that is really clean, a bit rustic, but not all the way country.
  • This place setting takes the table to a bit of a different place, but I just love the composition. The colors, the feather, so so bohemian, right? I think it would go really nice with a bunch of wildflowers on the table.
  • Last but definitely not least, the calligraphy, and I’m not saying this phrase has to be there, unless of course it works because it’s adorable. But some signs for the menu or drinks would be a great detail. A light and whimsical calligraphy really matches the mood of the theme.

What do you think?

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