kale & apple smoothie

Let's Fête Kale Apple Smoothie_2 It’s summer, you’ve got the 4th coming up later this week (which yes, includes some indulgences, right?)…so let’s start the week off with a simple, healthy and delicious smoothie. If you’re a smoothie newbie, this is actually an easy one to start with (especially if you sub out the kale with spinach).

I usually wake up in the morning, gulp down a few ounces of warm lemon water, and then throw a green smoothie in the blender. Every. Single. Morning. This one is super simple, I usually have all the ingredients on hand…and I can easily make it in any kind of sleep deprived state. I don’t know about you, but this happens more often than not.

Once you get a good base of a green smoothie, try playing with different flavors. Some will be amazing and some will taste awful. Like parsley – so good when it’s just a little, but add too much and it’s way too strong. A little like nibbling on a field of grass.

Let's Fête Kale Apple Smoothie_3

what you need (makes approx 25 oz):

  • 2 cups water
  • 2 cups washed kale
  • 2 inch hunk of cucumber
  • 1/2 apple
  • 1 tablespoon parsley
  • a few ice cubes

Throw it all in a blender (I use a vitamix) and enjoy once it’s smooth. Like noted above, you can use spinach in place of kale, for a more tame version. And even coconut water in place of plain water – will make for a sweeter smoothie.

I put mine in a big 27 oz thermos (so maybe you want to 1/2 the recipe if you don’t want that much), and sip on it on my drive to work. If you do that just give it a shake every now and then – it starts to separate a little bit and you want to mix it up.

Consider this step one to healthy prepping for an upcoming long weekend! It’s like a super shot of veggies – that’s right…hello beach!

Let's Fête Kale Apple Smoothie Let's Fête Kale Apple Smoothie_1



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