4th of july menu

I’m trying to decide what to serve for family and guests over the weekend. The 4th itself is supposed to be stormy and rainy here, not exactly how I planned to spend the 4th. But the rest of the weekend should be divine! So how do you make the 4th of July holiday feel festive when you can’t get out to parades and fireworks? Lots of good food, treats and activities. Since I’ll be doing my grocery shopping today, I thought I’d share what I am considering serving. Lots of great ideas and recipes out there, the trick is putting your own spin on them, and how to make the full menu.

I’m not so strict on serving everything from one region of the world, and often think mixing it up keeps people paying attention. Sure, I like to have some apps, salad, main, etc – but as long as you have variety, and the flavors generally go together, I think you’ll have a win!

For my salad, I think this blood orange, beet and fennel one from Bon Appetit looks AMAZING! Because blood oranges aren’t really in season right now I’ll probably sub for some grapefruit or other citrus. Mouth watering picture, right?


I’ll probably also serve some ceviche, because you know how much I adore that stuff. Keeps the meal colorful, flavorful and light (well, until you eat 12 pounds of it with salty corn chips, but whatever, at least it’s pretty). I have a couple ceviche recipes that I love (which I JUST realized I’ve never posted. what?!), but here’s a new one that I might try. Ceviche on a tostada? Brilliant! And then there’s the cilantro cream. Need I say more?


Next up? Pretzel dogs. Joy the Baker always gets me with her photography. I can practically taste these right now. Of course I’ll have to gluten-free-ify these babies, but fingers crossed they still look this good. The boys will lose their minds (and by boys, I mean all three of mine!).


As for a special beverage, we’ve been playing with a few things. Just last night Remy wanted a sweet treat so we threw frozen pineapple, frozen mango, frozen banana, lemonade and cream into the vitamix – the result was AMAZING. Chris got a little taste and decided he wanted some rum mixed in for the weekend. Order taken! But the little bevvie below is one I whipped up during the last US world cup game. While it did not lead us to victory (tear), it was tasty and perfect for a hot summer day.

cucumber berry _1

to make my Berry Cucumber cocktail:

  • 1 part cucumber vodka
  • 1 part sparkling water
  • 5 smashed raspberries
  • 5 blueberries
  • a few slices cucumber for garnish
  • ice

shake vodka and raspberries with some ice in a cocktail shaker. the pour over ice in a tumbler. top with sparkling water and add blueberries and cucumber slices.

I hope you all have a fabulous holiday weekend filled with friends, family and great food!



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