yoga party {inspiration}

My son comes home from preschool showing me new yoga moves on a regular basis. Some of which I can do, and some I cannot. The kid loves it, and from what I hear other little humans do to. Instructors make stories out of the poses and they get to make their bodies into shapes of animals, trees and mountains. I just love the imagination that goes along with it. While I do not practice yoga, I’d love to learn more, and I think I’d love a little yoga party even more than that!

I think it’s such a fun idea to hire a kids yoga instructor, or even do the instructing yourself, and throw a party around it. The entertainment is built in, which you can’t beat, and the rest of the details can be kept just about as simple as you want. Check out below for some of my ideas.

I will say that finding yoga inspired stuff for kids is a little tough, and what you do find is mostly focused on girls. So, if you do want to do something like this for your boys, let me know and I’d be happy to help put a little invite or something together (though there is one below that is really cute).

Let's Fête yoga inspiration board

  • If you have a yoga party, you gotta have some yoga mats! I bet you could find a better deal than this, but you can at least get started here. It doubles as a really nice party gift as well. You can buy in just one or two colors to keep the color palette simple.
  • Healthy bodies need something healthy to sip on – jazz up your water with cucumbers, mint and berries. Adds some nice color, and the kids will love digging out the fruit inside too.
  • I looked for some existing yoga pose signs to just order, but couldn’t find anything that would work. I think using some of these graphics on individual signs and maybe framing them as 5×7 would add a nice decor element. Or you can do one big poster for a dramatic effect. Kids can try and copy the poses in the pictures – I’m sure there would be some laughs coming out of that!
  • Here are some sweet yoga inspired invitations – they have a couple versions to consider. I definitely think (or hope!) we’ll start to see more pop up for this theme – it’s super underdeveloped at the moment!
  • If you decide to do a more traditional party favor, I adore these Om favor bags. Simple, a good size for a just a few little things like a granola bar and maybe an om temporary tattoo or two.
  • Keep the little people fed with something healthy and portable like a parfait. You can make them in advance which is a total party-sanity-saver, and they are super easy for kids to grab with a spoon.
  • I love the idea of cozy floor cushions around a low table. You can even use your coffee table if it’s big enough (I’ve done it for several kids parties). I’ve found several tutorials on how to make them too, if you’re handy with a sewing machine. Here’s a version that I think would work really nicely.
  • I think I’d keep a lot of the decor simple for a yoga party (depending on occasion and size, of course), but this simple yarn tassel garland would add just enough flair. Subtle, soft and sweet.
  • I also think using some of the ‘words of yoga’ in the space would be a nice touch. You could just find a font you like and print out some ‘namaste’ and ‘om’ signs (8.5×11 and framed would be easy), or you could get something more substantial like this wooden one on Etsy.

I also love the idea of this being an adult affair. I think it would be a fun and different change of pace for a girls night in or pre-brunch activity. To take this from little human to big human, you can up the ante of the food with some great vietnamese veggie wraps, fresh veggie smoothies, etc. I’d also end the party with some type of sparkling wine and fruit beverage. You know, reward for working so hard.

Happy party planning!


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