portland coffee & donut party {inspiration}

Portland PosterA little shout out to my hometown as I prep for a trip out west. I love Portland – born and raised in the northeast part of town. My loyalty runs deep with some beautiful ladies I grew up with, some of the most special people I’ve ever met. And, while Portland is now quite hip and cool, there was a time when everyone just thought people were crazy to live there because it rained so much. I adore how the identity of the city has caught on and people poke fun at its quirkiness (as do i). With that comes your Portland party inspiration – donuts and coffee, baby! Fair trade and organic, natch. And if you want to really go for it, dab on some patchouli and give up shaving, more power to you (I for one am personally against both, but I don’t judge).

There are a TON of coffee drink and food recipes, and you kind of can’t go wrong with any kind of donut. The fun comes in with how you display it, and playing up the theme. For a kids party, I’d go with milk instead of the coffee! Unless you are more daring than I.

Let's Fête portland donut and coffee party

  • this is a cute little donut party invitation – sure it’s intended for a kid’s birthday, but you could change it up a bit for an adult function. Or not, and just keep the kiddie humor!
  • clearly an adult version of a popsicle, I wouldn’t want to see my kids after having a cappuccino on a stick! Love the idea and you could probably change it up a few different ways with flavors. (ps, there’s also a coffee granita recipe on that same link…I’d do both!)
  • I wouldn’t waste any time on other signs for this coffee and donut party, get one of these babies printed up pronto – an amazing conversation starter! This infographic has so much fun detail in types of coffee drinks, beans, origin, how they come to be that lovely goodness in your mug. And I’m pretty sure there’s not a prettier way to display all these cool coffee deets.
  • here’s another great decor or even invitation idea. I think this poster art could be printed and framed for the event, or even printed smaller and have the invitation printed or hand-written on the back. It would definitely set a cool vibe.
  • I guess at some point you’ll have to decide if you want to serve hot coffee or iced, or both! I’d say something during the winter, definitely hot. Something during other times of year really depends. If it’s a breakfast or brunch, I think I’d offer both. Here’s a fun iced coffee bar I did for father’s day.
  • if you want to feel extra fancy and very coffee shop-eque, grab a stencil and make some art on those cappuccinos! I mean really, who would’e love something like this? Here’s a set of cupcake stencils and another one here  (pictured) that would do the trick, but I’m pretty sure you could use just about any stencil you find (though I haven’t tried for myself). I’d also use the stencil and some cinnamon on a plate here or there around the decor.
  • this is a no-brainer. donut hole, coffee stirrer and a cup of joe. Cute. Delicious. Simple.
  • you clearly have to deliver some tasty donuts if it’s part of the theme. It’s just expected. Don’t just roll down to the national chain and grab a box of jelly filled. Go somewhere special and have some fun with it! Most cities and towns now have a gourmet type of donut shop, so make it special with some from there. Donuts with bacon, yes. Donuts in funny shapes, yes. The image above is from Voodoo Donuts in Portland. They’re famous. Their donuts are outrageous. A really good thing for a party, don’t you think?
  • if this ends up being a ladies function, I dare you not to get these. I desperately want some donuts on my fingernails, stat! What a fun little activity for your girlfriends. They come over for some donuts and coffee and maybe get a mani? YES!

If you are thinking about a trip to Portland and have never been there before, here’s a list of places to see/do that should help you get started. There’s a lot there, but they organize it nicely.  You kinda can’t go wrong.


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