wreck it ralph party {client story}

Let's Fête WIR JacksonCheck out how Jackson’s mom made his second birthday a smashing success {with Let’s Fete Wreck it Ralph printables, no less}. She really has this DIY party thing down – be sure to notice those adorable wooden cars she got so the kids had a fun activity. Love every little detail! You’ll no doubt be inspired by what she was able to pull off. It’s fun seeing how people put themes together in their own way, right?!

Here’s how it all came about, from Katie herself (if you live in WI she kinda did all the legwork for you!):

Planning a two year old’s birthday party; endless possibilities and when you have ideas galore with Pinterest all you need is time, inspiration and a plan.  Did I mention, I have a two year old?

Planning this party was an absolute blast! Thank goodness I had a lot of help from my husband & parents, because I had a lot of ideas. When my husband and I were trying to come up with a theme for my sons birthday, we took into account what he was currently really in to and what would be the most fun. Coincidentally enough, my parents came over with a early gift for Jackson; the Wreck It Ralph character set for the Disney Infinity game, & we instantly knew that it would be awesome to have a Wreckin party. Almost immediately I went to Pinterest. There is an abundance of creativity on Pinterest – from food ideas, to what to put in the goody bags. I knew I wanted to use many concepts I found on there, but I wanted to put my own spin on it too.

I purchased the party supplies online. Since the movie is a couple years old, I couldn’t find any Wreck It Ralph items in the store. I found birthdaydirect.com & I hit the jackpot! They had WIR table cloths, plates, napkins, and cups. I purchased all the balloons on Amazon. I went to Party City knowing I wouldn’t find any specific WIR items, but more just for inspiration. In the balloon aisle, I found different types of confetti that were made based on a certain name. I was so excited to find the Jackson one. So many guests asked me where I got them. They were a great personalized addition to the tables.

A big part of this movie takes place in the candy go kart game Sugar Rush. It seemed every Sugar Rush party I searched for was very feminine, but I really wanted it to be a part of our party, so I focused on the race car aspect. One of the activities I had for the kids to do during the party was to decorate their own race car with markers, and fly it down a hand made track! I purchased wooden cars from Amazon. I then made “race tracks” out of pool noodles I cut in half, and decorated with different colored flags made from Post-it notes and toothpicks! Super fun and very easy! It was a big hit. Another activity I had was the Wrecking building punch box. THIS WAS A BLAST!It was one of my favorite parts of the party and a great variation to a pinata. However, the main attraction seemed to be the candy table. This was so much fun to put together. I ran into a bit of luck with this because a lot of the candy was on clearance from Easter, so I got an abundance for very little. Also, my local dollar store had a great deal of different types of candy I was looking for, like the rock candy and flavored Tootsie Rolls. I purchased white paper bags from Hobby Lobby, wrapped and taped labels around them and placed them on the table next to the candy so guests can take whatever they wanted home with them. On some pieces of candy, like the mini bags of MnM’s, I attached circle notes for the guests, thanking them for coming to the party.

My husband left all the planning up to me except one thing, he wanted Jackson to have an awesome cake. We have many great bakeries in our town, but by far, the one that takes the cake, is Robin’s Nest Cakery located in Kenosha, WI. Robin’s hand made creations exceeded my expectations. The cake & cupcakes were absolutely wonderful & tasted great too! One of the most iconic images from this movie is the cookie medal Vanellope makes for Ralph, so I definitely wanted to include that in the party too. How the Cookie Crumbles Co. located in West Allis, WI did an awesome recreation of the hero cookie, along with cookies that look like bricks.

The toughest time I had with this party was putting together goody bags. There was going to be kids ranging in age from 1-9, so I wanted to include something appropriate for everyone. I went back and forth with a lot of ideas, but I knew I didn’t want to include mostly candy since there was going to be two tables already dedicated to it. I wanted something different rather than the same ol’ bag filled with toys. While shopping at Walmart, I found these cool popcorn buckets for $1 and thought they would be the perfect goody bag vessel. I also included Teddy Grahams, soda flavored jelly beans, bubbles in ice cream cone bottles (found at the dollar store), a sip cup that looks like a cupcake (found at Hobby Lobby), a pad a marker that looks like a lollipop (also found at Hobby Lobby) and Wreck It Ralph book, depending on their age (bought on Amazon).

All of the excitement and sugar highs were all caught on film thanks to Nakasato Photography based out of Franklin, WI. I can’t say enough wonderful things about them. They have been taking my family’s pictures for years, including my maternity and all of Jackson’s professional photos. They’re an amazing husband & wife team, & I am so glad that they not only got to photograph the party, but they got to enjoy the festivities as well.

It took a lot of work, but I really enjoyed planning this party, and the look on my sons face when he saw Ralph, made it that much better. Can’t wait for his 3rd birthday! However, I think we may just go to Disney World instead.

Let's Fête WIR Jackson Let's Fête WIR Jackson Let's Fête WIR Jackson Let's Fête WIR Jackson Let's Fête WIR Jackson Let's Fête WIR Jackson Let's Fête WIR Jackson Let's Fête WIR Jackson Let's Fête WIR Jackson Let's Fête WIR Jackson
Let's Fête WIR Jackson Let's Fête WIR Jackson

photos by: Nakasato Photography


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