Foodie Family

I’ve got some fun news! We’re starting an exciting new series tomorrow – all about family and food. Specifically my family and food. Nothing better than that combo, really. I am lucky to have a really big clan and couldn’t be more excited to share some of it with you! Even though I don’t live near any of them at the moment, we stay connected in all the modern ways possible (my 86 yr old grandmother is on FB).

I’m sure like many of you, most my childhood memories involve some sort of delicious meal (or not-so-delicious, as the case may be) and loads of craziness surrounding us. I was one of four (with a possible five foster kids at any given time), my mom was one of four any my dad was one of seven. EVERYONE cooks. My mom was really down to earth with her cooking. She could make a meal out of anything when budgets were tight. My dad always seems to be exploring new things. My sister is gluten free and vegetarian, but she cooks for her husband and daughter that are not (lots of range there!). My brother and uncle make candy – the most amazing family toffee recipe ever. EVER. And the list goes on through aunts, uncles, cousins. So much to talk about and share.

Each family member seems to have their own set of strengths in the kitchen, what they’re drawn to cooking, . I wanted to start a series that celebrates that. Different foodie POVs, from different kitchens across the country, all coming from the heart. I hope to share a wide variety of recipes and stories along the way. Selfishly, it helps me branch out a little and connect with my family in a new way, and you guys totally benefit because you’ll get a weekly dose of delicious!

First up will be something sweet and a bit retro from my dad’s kitchen. Pop back tomorrow for his Rhubarb Peach Upside Down Cake! I may or may not have had some for breakfast this morning.

Let's Fête Rhubarb peach cake



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