garden party prep {3 days out}

beautiful spread by What’s Gaby Cooking

Finalizing the menu this morning is making me REALLY hungry. I like to take a little walk through pinterest for inspiration and recipes. This is like a feast for the eyes, right? Nothing quite like some good food photography – it should make you want to make it & eat it immediately.

Because we’re three days out from our little get-together, I want to get as close as possible to the final menu. I always end up leaving a few things open, just because some of it is dependent on what looks good at the market. But here’s what it’s looking like now, so I can put a grocery list together.

apps: I’m totally inspired by this beautiful spread (also pictured above), definitely going to throw something together like it! And here is one of the places that you don’t have to really nail the details until you get to the store – you want a variety of cheeses, some spreads/sauces (pesto, roasted tomato, caponata), meats, fruit and veg. Get about 2-3 oz cheese per person, but know your audience, some like it A LOT! We’re going to be grilling some bread to go with it, both gluten free and regular since we have a couple GFers.

salad: Mediterranean salad. Super simple and fresh – tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, feta, olives, parsley.

side: gluten free grilled pizza. I am going out on a limb here, because I haven’t done this one before, hope it works out. I’ll probably do some regular old gluten versions as well, since I plan on this being the kid’s main course (had planned on hot dogs, but like this better!). Topping for adult version will be kept light and simple. Bocconcini, herbs and a drizzle of olive oil perhaps.

main: grilled fish – will select from the fish market day of – and I always ask them how much I need for the number of guests I have – leave it to the experts!

dessert: I’m currently thinking I’ll make milkshakes. Some fresh fruit and ice cream and my Vitamix, baby. Feels special and SUPER simple. It’s that or GF/nut free smores in a jar – a good option if I want something I can just pull out and hand out.

kids: planning on personal grilled pizzas, they can put whatever they want on them, and we’ll grill them up right on the spot. If the grill seems to be getting full we can leverage the oven as back up. They’ll love this special little twist. Then fruit and veggies on the side.

Next up…kids activities!


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