life update {pause, reflect, change}

Holly Hill Farm 9_14So…it’s been a while, no? Blogging is one of those things that once you haven’t done it for a week or so, takes a back seat. You get out of routine. A little like working out or eating healthy. All that stuff that takes a little discipline (or a lot, as the case may be). Sometimes that’s a good thing, and other times you wish you hadn’t been away so long. This was a good little break for me.

Two things in particular have been a major distraction. First, August and September are a one-two-punch in the face remembering my mom who passed away four years ago. August is her birthday and September the anniversary of her death. It’s not like I’m sad for two months or anything like that, but it does take up some expanded mind-space, that’s for sure. I’m pretty sure she planned it that way. (that’s her with all us kiddos below)

Let's Fête mamaThe other is a big life change. A career one. I currently do advertising for a company, and it’s kind of lulling me to sleep. It’s not that I don’t love advertising, I really do. But it’s the nature of my current position and what I’m surrounded by that leaves me wanting more. It’s part of the reason I started this blog in the first place. Needed to fill a hole and have some fun.

I was approached a month or so back about a new job. I hadn’t been looking, and to be honest haven’t been at my current one for long enough to really consider it, but you have to entertain things that hit you square in the face. No choice (at least that’s how I approach it). In addition to that, I’m always up for change. I think it keeps us energized and pushes us out of our comfort zones.

So while I pondered this new position I really thought about the impact it would have on my family and myself. I take my mommyhood role super-duper seriously. I’m the stable one. I’m the one that is always there. My husband has a global position at work, which requires him to travel a lot. I support this unwaveringly. I take pride in the consistency and stability I bring to my kids, and to him, for that matter. While I don’t want to be a stay-at-home-mom, I do want to spend lots of quality time with them. I know that’s the life I want so I also know that any change I might make has to fit into a particular box for me. But I also need to be stimulated, challenged and valued. I like to feel smart and I like to feel important. My current job delivers on the flexibility I need for my family, but doesn’t deliver much on what I need for me. But does any job do both?!

Holly Hill Farm 9_14_2

I guess we’ll see. I’ll report back after I’ve had a chance to settle into a new role at a financial company here in Boston. I’ve working in financial marketing in the past (clearly why I was even sought out for this position), and while I feel dumb half the time as people are discussing financial mumbo-jumbo around me, it’s really something that makes me stretch. I’m an expert in a field, and it’s fun to surround myself with people that are experts at other things. Hopefully we can work some magic together.

Holly Hill Farm 9_14_6

How about the blog, you might ask? Or maybe not. But I’m going to answer it anyway. I’ll have less time for it, I’m sure. And I won’t have any immediate goals of turning this whole small-party-design thing into a business, which I once did. But. I still plan on bringing you some fun ideas, creations and overall loveliness. My plan is to start to focus more on family stuff. How to elevate those daily and special occasion things a bit, a bit more fun and a bit prettier…while working full time. I think it will be the perfect angle to move forward with, since I will be LIVING it. Just like so many of you out there. You can expect more quick dinner ideas, lunches for the kiddos, last-minute-party ideas, what to bring friends when they’ve had a baby, wrapping presents for friends, etc. Kind of taking it down a notch to what might be more attainable on a day-to-day basis. Well, if you’re motivated and choose to prep for these things while you’re watching a good dose of reality TV alongside a big glass of red (where I do most of my DIY projects).

I plan to figure it out as I go, and I hope you come along for the ride. Because I like you.

Holly Hill Farm 9_14_3


2 thoughts on “life update {pause, reflect, change}

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! That’s about the nicest thing someone could say. Hope I can continue to bring some inspiration – and let me know how your daughter’s birthday goes!! I just love the memories those events make. Good luck!

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