color palette {mint & gray}

Wait, what? How did this happen? Tomorrow is October! With October coming at us in just ONE day, I find myself being drawn to anti-fall colors. Now, how can a color be anti-fall? Simple. If the color is not one that a leaf turns before it falls to the ground, well, I’d call it anti-fall (don’t take me literally here, I know there are other fall colors too). I’m not ready to leave some of our warmer weather colors behind just yet, so here’s some color palette inspiration coming at ya that is NOT about Halloween, apples or leaves. But you can bet your patootie you can fall-ify this beast. Oh yeah, MINT & GRAY do not have to be left by the side of the road as you pick apples and gather your pumpkins. It’s a refreshing shade to add to a fall wardrobe or tablescape. Why don’t you give it a try…you’ll have plenty of time to soak up those golds, oranges and blacks later. Seriously, who could resist a mint/oreo milkshake?! I’ve never wanted to devour something gray so much in my life.

(ps, yes, will be following this up soon with some Halloween inspo, so I’m not going to ignore it either! I love fall, a lot.)

Let's Fête mint and gray color palette

photo creds:

macaroon | onesie | crib sheet | boutonniere | milkshake | outfit


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