halloween costumes {make or buy}

How do you Halloween? Are you all over it with major costumes and home decor? Or do you participate from a distance, mostly because you have kids and you have to? Well, I get it both ways. Sometimes I’m the former, and sometimes the latter.

Growing up, my mom would pull together our costumes a little differently each year – but every year it was the most cost efficient way. Either we borrowed from friends, she made them (think clowns, ghosts, etc) or we pulled something together ourselves. Back then I was a little jealous of friends with the store-bought versions, but now I really love the memory of homemade costumes. Pulling her makeup out and figuring out how we might be able to use it to look more like a unicorn. Or something like that. I have to admit that I have never made my kids costumes. I have a burning desire to do it, but also know how I operate. I’d bite off way more than I could chew and then be paralyzingly disappointed in the end result. Seriously. Or I’d be up all night for a week just to pull it off. So, I buy costumes instead. Some really simple and others are a bit more fancy. Just depends on the year. So each year, after considering making them, I end up buying. I don’t feel guilty about this, they love them either way. And maybe even more because they are store bought. Who knows.

I can’t tell you what I’ll do this year, because I don’t really plan this Holiday very well, to be honest. Remy wants to be some kind of transformer – I really hate those thin little body suites you can buy with the image printed on them. So I’ll either convince him to be something else, construct something out of boxes and paint (sounds exhausting, right?)…or I’ll give in and buy a transformer costume from Target that I really don’t like (but he’ll love, so totally worth it). This holiday is really about them, right?

While I try to figure out what I’m doing for my kids, here’s a little of what I’m loving for handmade costumes on Etsy. They’re not inexpensive, but if you’re into it then here are some great ones! And if you don’t want to spend the money, some of these seem pretty simple to replicate with a little DIY…after browsing through these I’m getting further and further down that path myself!

halloween on etsypenguin | super hero capes | mushroom | dragon | unicorn | owl


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