decorating with plants & flowers

Whether you want to brighten up a space, or add a little texture, flowers and plants are a pretty foolproof way to do it. Have you ever walked into a friend’s house and thought “ugh, those flowers don’t really look great there…” No. No you haven’t. You were probably more like “so, she bought flowers, got them out of that plastic they come in AND got them into a vase with water.” My hero. Yes, we are all impressed and delighted when we see these things – so you don’t really have to worry about doing it ‘right.’

I have friends that are really good at flower arrangements and all that, but the furthest I take it is to actually pull the flowers apart and place them together again in the vase. I am literally one step better than just unwrapping them and putting them in a vase. But, it makes a HUGE difference, I tell ya. That is if you haven’t gone to a florist for a bouquet, then they’ll usually arrange in a beautiful way. I’m more of a Trader Joes flower gal unless it’s a special occasion.

But there are SO many ways to use flowers and plants to decorate – don’t hold yourself down! Here are some brilliant ideas from around the inter webs, none of which are a bouquet of flowers in a vase. Some of these would be great for a dinner party or event, and others are just as good for everyday smiles.


The flowers and washi tape above are quite sweet, aren’t they? I’m imagining this above my bar area at our next get-together right now. Don’t have flowers? Use clippings from plants in your garden, or herbs! All would be stunning taped up haphazardly. Just love the organic nature of it.


Ferns might be the easiest plant to work with – they are pretty stunning when placed in small vases individually, right? This is a great option if you don’t have flowers, but have some other plants nearby. A cluster of vases can have a much bigger impact than one single one and you don’t have to worry about all the pieces of a bouquet playing nice with each other – just plop each one in their own vase. (ps, I think ferns would look lovely taped to the wall like the first image as well!)


Now, as someone who doesn’t really have much of a green thumb (aka lazy), I tend to go for succulents. While I love them for their hearty, never-say-die attitude, I’m really smitten because of their looks. I just adore their shapes and lines, they are truly magnificent beasts. And seriously, line a bunch of these up and you’ve got some attention-grabbing decor! I’m pretty sure I need to do this once I get my reclaimed wood shelves hung properly. LOVE!

Now go tackle a quick weekend project with some flowers, ferns or succulents and bring bring a little dimension into your space!


What do you think?

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