high impact {low effort} flowers

Let's Fête reclaimed shelves flowers

I finally tackled one of my favorite parts of the new house, our lovely reclaimed wood shelves. They have been covered in random storage for a while now. But as you can see, I cleared those babies off like a champ.

When you have a bigger space to cover like I did, or just want to have a bigger flower arrangement impact, you don’t need to spend a lot on a massive arrangement. Don’t do it. A simple set of pretty flowers can go a long way. I got a bouquet from our weekend farmer’s market for $7 and grabbed as many small vases as I could find at home. Might I suggest you hold onto cute product jars just for an occasion like this? I admit, sometimes I buy based solely on packaging and it works out here because now I have adorable little vases waiting for some floral love. Two of my faves are the honey and olive oil jars below – adorable!

Do this on a shelf, console, bar or table – it brings drama. And not the kind you’re getting from your kids.

Let's Fête reclaimed shelves flowers Let's Fête reclaimed shelves flowers_5 Let's Fête reclaimed shelves flowers_4 Let's Fête reclaimed shelves flowers_3Let's Fête reclaimed shelves flowers


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