new years eve {last minute ideas}

We can’t be on top of everything. So here it is, late the day before New Year’s Eve, and I’ve got nothing. Nothing at all. I have a few friends & kids coming over, but other than that…nothing. I do have a slight advantage that I hoard festive things like balloons, sparklers and decor – so I should have a few sparkly things to put out, but I still have to figure that out.

Since I am in this position, I figure many of you are as well. And you all know very well that I don’t like an occasion to pass without making some memories. I like to celebrate, make it special, even if it’s simple. So here we are. What do we do?

Here are some ideas that I’ve dug up, and plan to throw together before tomorrow afternoon. And just to be clear re what I’m preparing for, it’s roughly 6 adults and 6 kids. Kids on the younger side, so a few entertainment ideas should be on the list in case things get out of hand.

Food – focusing on a bunch of apps that we can nibble on as the night progresses. Because of this, I’ll plan on having a few on the heartier side so no one goes hungry (you know, that champaign will be flowing so we need plenty of food too!). The other families are going to bring some fun apps too, which is a nice way to ensure variety – a good thing to have when you’re not going to have a main course.

Lets Fete New Years Food

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

All five of these options are really just good thought starters – you can put just about anything on a tart or bread. Hand pies (sweet or savory) have always been a hit for me, and kids love them! I want to keep it pretty, obvi, so the beet terrine would be a really fun new addition (but I’d have to do that tonight, so we’ll see!). I’ll probably whip up a pot of cheese fondu as well, for the kiddos to dip whatever they want into it (and me, I’ll use a spoon, thank you).

Booze – wine, champs and beer will clearly be the staples, but I also picked up this lovely mixer that I can’t wait to try. Owl’s Brew (a tea crafted for cocktails) is a packaging dream, so I hope it tastes as good as it looks. And the directions are soooo simple – 2 parts brew, 1 part booze. I think I can handle that!


Kids activities – I plan to have a few things on hand for some check ins with the kids. They’ll love just playing with each other and toys, but need some stuff to break that up.

– The Idea Room has some really cute Minute to Win It games for kids of all ages.

– Definitely doing a new years resolution/year in review page for each of the kids – love this as an annual tradition.

– Remy came home with a noise maker he made at school, and it really inspired me to have a few things on hand for the kids to make their own for our early countdown. It was a paper plate folded in half, some dried beans inside and then stapled closed. You can do that, right? They decorated the plates and added streamers, but it’s SO simple!

– Confetti is a big request from Remy this year. I think all kids, and kids at heart, love to make a colorful mess. Confetti push pops are all the rage these days, and I think would be a huge hit. Quick DIY if you have the push pop containers already. If not – throw a bunch of confetti (just cut it out) in a bowl and let kids grab handfuls. Nothing better.

I hope that helps you get any last minute things together in order to make some fun memories as we ring in 2015! It certainly helped me get my ideas in order.

Happy 2015, friends!!



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