class valentine’s ideas {free printables, y’all}

All you need is love. Right? No. You need to get your kids some cute cards to hand out. Valentine’s is just a week away – and I don’t know about you, but I betta get it together. And for school it’s even sooner. Sigh. A little anxiety inducing, yes. But let’s focus on what we can do. Remy wants a version of an arrow I made for Felix last year, and I picked up a few things for Felix’s already. However, I’ve been seeing an INSANE amount of free printable valentines from some crazy creative people out there. Thought I’d share the love. Hehe. Get it? I mean, you can just print these up on some card stock (or have Fedex office do it!), cut them out and add a little toy…or not, depending on which one you choose.

I prefer candy-free, but if you want to add a little sweet, I’m not going to judge.

valentines printables ideas

  1. These little printable gift bag labels are adorable! You can think up so many little toy ideas to go with them. ‘I like the way you Roll’ perfect with a bouncy ball. ‘You blow me away’ great with a balloon. ‘I’m hooked on you’ a little toy fish (or captain hook??). And ‘I’m stuck on you’ with stickers or anything sticky for that matter.
  2. Now this isn’t something to print, but rather just a fun idea. Really fun. There’s a tutorial here on how to blow up a balloon temporarily, write or draw on it, and then deflate it again for a sweet little valentine. Super cheap and one-of-a-kind! If you’re not exactly practiced in your calligraphy studies, don’t worry, just draw a heart! Even a novice can handle that.
  3. This label is great for whatever you want to put it on – or even just by itself and signed by your kiddo. And I just love the phrase ‘Happy Heart Day’.
  4. These are more like your traditional store-bought valentines, but to be honest they’ll be a little more work. Print on card stock and cut out (again, Fedex office or Staples will print and cut for you, if you like). But they are super cute and original. You can find the monsters here and the cupcakes (and more) here.
  5. Man. These sharks are absolutely adorable. If I didn’t already have plans for my kids, this would be it. They make me so happy. Paging Supermom also has a BUNCH of other cute options here. You kind of can’t go wrong.

What do you think?

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