bedside table re-do {DIY}

If you’re like me, you’ve looked at many things around your house thinking how they could be just that much better if you did this or that to it. And then a month later, you think the same thing. Well, in come my bedside tables. We bought them maybe 6 years ago in San Francisco. We wanted a bit of color in our bedroom, and it was a good way to get it. But then I got really tired of them pretty quickly. But, we still used them like this for years. The idea of sanding and painting a piece of furniture just doesn’t appeal to most people, right (it can’t just be me)? But once I started hearing about chalk paint, I thought I could really do this. You see, there’s no sanding…and it covers even dark colors well. Um. Can you say perfect for the lazy DIYer? Yes. Yes you can.

Of course I’m on the cheap side, so I asked the paint guy at Lowe’s all about it and turns out you can make it yourself. You CAN buy it premade by a few brands, but they charge a premium. I wasn’t going to accept that, so I did the DIY version. I might just purchase it in the future for extra easy painting and to see if it’s even better, but this also worked really well. You can find Lowe’s tutorial on how to make your own here.

Let's Fête Night Stand DIY

I ended up needing three coats of paint, which is NOTHING considering the bright red it started out as. And remember, NO SANDING. Pretty dreamy if you ask me. I left some of the imperfections where the paint had chipped, and only painted the visible parts. Seriously, I have to manage my time. Don’t judge.

Let's Fête Night Stand DIY_1
Let's Fête Night Stand DIY_3

Lets Fete DIY bed tables

Can you believe how white that is?! Makes me so happy. And it’s a matte paint, just so you know. The chalk part of it demands that, and I really like that part. Gloss has it’s role. I adore some bronze and gold for sure, but a nice matte piece of furniture is really great too.

I found the hardware from a designer I admire – Abby Mint Interiors. She has a great aesthetic, and while not always 100% mine, it’s incredibly inspiring. Anyway, I saw these great little pulls in her Instagram feed a while back and just knew I wanted to use them. I was lucky they were a good size for these tables. They absolutely make the transformation. I did have to drill new holes, which was insanely easy, but took me SO long to finish. It’s amazing once you reach a single hurdle, it can be hard to get back to it. First, the drill battery wasn’t charged, then the drill got moved to the shed, then we had about 5 blizzards in a row and couldn’t make it to the shed to get anything. But I did eventually get to it. Success! And Remy, my oldest, actually helped me drill the holes – having complete control of the acceleration. His first drill experience ever, and you know his response? ‘That was AMAZING!’ – I hear ya buddy.

I have a couple other pieces I think I’ll put to the white chalk paint test, since they’re offering me nothing otherwise. Might as well try to save them, right?

Lets fete night stand


7 thoughts on “bedside table re-do {DIY}

  1. I love that it took you six years to get around to changing these from red to white. I often work in that same time-frame: don’t like it, figure out how to fix it, get around to it years later, takes a few minutes when I do get to it.

    1. Totally! I think there’s a part of me that wants to live with something for a bit. But then that’s also just an excuse to put it off. And it’s ALWAYS worth the effort in the end. One day I’ll learn!

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