truffle bunnies {DIY}

Lets Fete Truffle Bunnies_4i cannot believe the cuteness with these little bunnies. i’ve officially declared this easter, the year of the bunny ear, because i cannot stop making them. there’s just something about the shape of bunny ears that makes me smile.

this little diy is perfect for this weekend. and, while truffles are amazing, you could easily use donut holes, or even big marshmallows!

what you need:

  • 12 truffles, any kind you like (but seriously, what kind don’t you like?)
  • white card stock (you can even use index cards, like i did)
  • scissors
  • pink pen
  • a bit of frosting
  • 12 pink jumbo heart sprinkles
  • 12 silver sugar pearls

Lets Fete Truffle Bunniesfree-hand cut an ear out of the white card stock. any size you like, but they’re long, thinner at the bottom, and almost pointy at the top. almost. it might take a couple tries to get one you like, and that’s ok. it took me three. once you have one that you like the shape and size, use that as a template. trace 24 ears on the card stock, and then cut out.

using your pink pen, draw in the center of the ears. to be honest, you could leave this part out, so up to you. curl half of the ears at the end using your finger/thumb. it should band and stay curled fairly easily, but be gentle with it. you’ll get the hang of it.

once you have all the ears ready to rock, grab your truffles. dab a little of the frosting (little) on the spot where you’d like to start your ears, basically halfway down. put one curled ear on. dab frosting on top of the bottom of that ear, then place a strait one on top. a touch more frosting, and you can place the nose right on top of that (the silver sugar pearl). now a dab of frosting on the tush, add a pink heart, and you’ve got your truffle bunny!

repeat 11 more times, and you’ve got one heck of a desert for easter! now please excuse me while i go and attempt to not eat all 12 of mine.

Lets Fete Truffle Bunnies_3

Lets Fete Truffle Bunnies 2


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