let’s hang a branch {diy}

Let's Fête branch wall hangingso, i picked up this awesome looking branch from our front yard last summer, and tucked it away for a rainy day, having visions of it hanging above our bed. i waited for the perfect moment where i thought my husband wouldn’t think it was the grossest thing, and he ended up loving it as much as i do. and…it was so dang easy! super rewarding diy, that you can change up with different things hanging off of it.

here’s what you need:

  • branch with some personality
  • picture hanging brackets, like these
  • hammer
  • 2 nails

Let's Fête branch wall hanging Let's Fête branch wall hangingfirst, i made sure the branch was clean. thought that was important, especially hanging above the bed and all. don’t need any bugs, thanks.

but next, and this is an important step, you want to lay it down and see which way you might want to hang it. you’ll have only one option once those brackets are on. so decide what direction you like best. flip it around a few times. once you like a certain side and direction, take a look at what parts of the branch are hitting the table you’ve set it on. that’s where you’ll put your brackets…because that’s the part of the branch that will hit the wall. i used two brackets, which seems to work really well.

nail the brackets into place, the set you purchase should have those little nails in there too.

Let's Fête branch wall hanging Let's Fête branch wall hangingnow measure a good spot for the branch wherever you want to hang. i think branches are a little easier to hang because they are not a straight line. the organic shape really helps here. but mark off where the brackets hit, so you know where to put a nail in the wall to hang them on.

once the nails are in the wall, hang that branch! then you can either just leave like that, or hang something from the branch. i like my little quote up there, but will probably change it up soon for something else. i love that it’s so easy to play with!

Let's Fête branch wall hanging


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