friday favorites {cake toppers}

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you can do pretty much anything you want these days to dress up your party desserts, but here are some really fun options. i’m loving this trend of using fun materials (wood, acrylic), calligraphy and graphic shapes. simple, but high impact. and while all of these are stunning…you could easily make your own with a little card stock, some scissors, a printed template and a wood skewer to attach it to. that’s what I did for Remy’s cake!

these cranes are showstoppers!

sweet little acrylic numbers I can’t wait to get my hands on – come in sets of 12 so they’re perfect for cupcakes!

calligraphy and wood! yes! a million times yes (just ordered for my son’s cake, btw). extremely versatile, you can use with any party theme.

birthday boy is just one of the options they have on the site, and it’s a sweet one. you would definitely want to keep this it’s so pretty. maybe frame it? maybe in a potted plant? something.

these personalized wire toppers can make your cake special to you and your love – and by using their name, you can use it for years to come!


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