mother’s day gift ideas

lets fete mothers day ideas

I love mother’s day. well, let’s face it, I love any day we can celebrate someone in our lives. while my mom is no longer with us, I do get to look at my boys and remember that I’m doing a pretty dang good job. they definitely show me some extra love on that special day. here are some of my favorite gift ideas so you can show yours too!

  1. Perfect little tote for summer! Ridiculously useful. Farmers market, check. Park with the kids, check. Beach, check. Laptop, check. There are so many to choose from out there, but love the simplicity of this one.
  2. For the active mom, I love this heart rate monitor. It’s not too fancy, but gets the job done. And there’s something I like about knowing how hard I’m working during a workout. Very motivating!
  3. I love this brand, and they pretty much can’t do anything wrong. The scent and texture of this lotion is divine.
  4. French lime blossom cologne sounds perfect for spring, right? Chris got me a Jo Malone cologne a few years back (they don’t have that one anymore), and it’s been my signature scent ever since. They have a huge range of scents, you can’t really go wrong.
  5. Cute little studs with a pop of color!
  6. A friend just gave this candle to me and it looks as beautiful as it smells.
  7. Even if someone isn’t that into metallics, a good gold sandal is a staple for any spring or summer wardrobe. Dresses up anything!

And hey, mamas, feel free to go out and get yourself one of these little gifts…you deserve it!


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